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Dorrie StarShu

Gold Nuggets for
the Young Mind
Why I Write
I began writing during a time when I found myself away from my family due to work. We had never been apart like this before, and it was a hard time for all of us. I would see them once a week, so I wrote stories for my children that I would read to them when we would meet. Usually the stories had little birds or bears that each child would identify with in the stories. It gave them something to look forward to that was fun and made parting a little easier.
When I was growing up, the stories told to us entertained us, but they all had a lesson hidden in them. ‘Nuggets for life’ I call them.  They stay with you.
My aim in each story is to ultimately teach a lesson. I want the reader to enjoy getting to the lesson.
I do not like sad endings! So I will never write one. One should always end with a ray of sunshine.
I believe that all our encounters and experiences create who we are. I would like to believe that an encounter with one of my books will leave a positive nugget with my little readers as well as my older ones.

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